Elevating eCommerce Success: Noticed’s Transformation with RevBoss


Noticed is an agency dedicated to elevating online retailers through expert website redesign, optimization, and cutting-edge search engine and social marketing.

The Drive for Direct Sales Prospecting

Despite its rapid growth and success, Noticed reached a juncture where relying solely on partner referrals for business expansion was no longer viable. The team, led by Director of Growth Marketing Micah Levy, ventured through various outbound prospecting avenues with little to show for it until RevBoss came into the picture.

A Partnership That Redefines Prospecting

Micah’s quest for a solution led him to RevBoss, a decision that marked a turning point for Noticed. “RevBoss is by far the best,” Micah asserts, praising their responsiveness and the quality of partnership. RevBoss’s approach wasn’t just about flooding Noticed with leads; it was about understanding Noticed’s unique sales process and ensuring a mutual fit with prospects to pave the way for lasting partnerships.

A Deluge of Leads and Unprecedented Growth

Noticed experienced a veritable downpour of leads, with RevBoss channeling nearly 200 qualified prospects into their pipeline in just a few months. The meticulously crafted messaging campaigns by RevBoss boasted open rates up to 63%, generating an average of 25 high-caliber leads per month throughout 2019. With an aggregate lead conversion rate of 2.2%, Noticed not only surpassed the industry benchmark but set a new standard for success.

The RevBoss Effect: Rapid Expansion and Major Wins

RevBoss proved to be the missing piece in Noticed’s puzzle, catalyzing a period of remarkable growth. Over 24 months, Noticed saw its sales team and business size swell, thanks to the strategic influx of high-quality leads and major deal closures attributed to RevBoss’s efforts. The collaboration translated into hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue, underpinning Noticed’s position as a leader in the eCommerce agency space.

A Wholehearted Endorsement for Future Growth

Micah’s endorsement of RevBoss is unequivocal. With their incredible responsiveness and partnership quality, RevBoss stands out as an invaluable ally for companies on the fast track to growth. For Noticed, the journey with RevBoss has been transformative, turning the tide of sales prospecting and setting a new benchmark for success in the competitive realm of eCommerce.