CPM Advisory Sees 20x ROI with RevBoss


CPM Advisory is redefining the “finance department” for VC-backed start-ups and small businesses. They deliver high caliber accounting/finance leadership and support to entrepreneurs and management teams building scalable, high-growth companies.

Igniting Growth Beyond the Comfort Zone

In the dynamic world of startups, CPM Advisory stood as a beacon of potential, driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Chris. With a foundation built on strong existing relationships and the power of word-of-mouth, Chris recognized a crucial inflection point: for sustained growth and to breach new horizons, they could no longer rely solely on referrals. They needed a more consistent and predictable pipeline.

Choosing a Path Less Traveled

For a small business owner, juggling prospecting, emailing, and backend management can feel like a Herculean task. Chris was no exception. His quest for a scalable growth solution led him to a pivotal decision—investing in a single, powerful sales channel. After careful deliberation, RevBoss emerged as the chosen partner.

Crafting a Partnership Defined by Success

The journey began with ambition and a broad approach, casting a wide net in prospecting and messaging to capture a diverse audience. Yet, the true magic unfolded as Chris, together with his dedicated Account Manager at RevBoss, delved into the data, refining their strategy with surgical precision to focus on what truly resonated with their prospects.

This partnership transcended the transactional; it was a collaborative quest for excellence, driven by mutual commitment and the shared goal of skyrocketing CPM Advisory’s growth.

A Story of Remarkable Achievements

The fruits of this partnership were not long in coming. Within a mere three months of embarking on their RevBoss journey, CPM Advisory celebrated the onboarding of their first client—a harbinger of the success that lay ahead. The milestones continued to unfold, with RevBoss leads culminating in an astounding $1.1 million in closed deals, including a landmark contract that stood as the second largest in CPM Advisory’s history.

Beyond Numbers: A Testament to Vision and Collaboration

The journey of CPM Advisory with RevBoss is a narrative of transformation, marked by a 20x return on investment that speaks volumes. But at its core, this story is about more than just impressive figures. It’s a testament to the power of vision, the courage to embrace change, and the unparalleled results that can be achieved through a true partnership.