CPM Advisory Sees 20x ROI with RevBoss

“The quality of our sales motion spiked significantly with better leads, higher conversions, and more predictable revenue. RevBoss took our business to another level.”

– Chris Mossa, Founder, CPM Advisory

Search for a Sales Engine

CPM Advisory came to us as a relatively new company. His early clients came from existing relationships and word of mouth but eventually Chris knew that if his company was going to grow, they needed something more than unpredictable referrals.

Like most small business owners, Chris didn’t have time to prospect, send emails, and manage all that on the back end. So he decided to invest in one sales channel, and ultimately landed on RevBoss.

A Partnership Built for Success

Our outreach started with a wide net in terms of prospecting and messaging. After some initial replies and data, we looked at what was having a higher success rate — then honed in our messaging and narrowed our focus to capitalize on that success.

Overall it’s been successful in large part because of the partnership built between Chris and his Account Manager at RevBoss.

Results that Speak for Themselves

CPM booked their first client within the first 3 months of RevBoss’ing. They have since gone on to close a total of $1.1 million from RevBoss leads, including their 2nd largest closed deal in the company’s history.