Demandwell Succeeds With RevBoss Leads

Demandwell is a new search engine optimization solution designed especially for SaaS businesses. After many years in marketing, Mitch Causey founded the startup and serves as Demandwell’s CEO.

Demandwell, based in Indianapolis, offers ongoing SEO coaching for software sales. Using inbound marketing tactics, Demandwell helps companies source repeatable revenue by efficiently attracting and converting qualified web traffic.


Demandwell has an effective inbound lead generation machine. But that’s only half of the sales equation. Outreach is a big part of finding and converting leads. Traditionally, a sales team does that work. What about a scrappy startup?

Without a sales team, Mitch needed to outsource lead generation to a reliable partner. As a participant in the High Alpha startup accelerator, he learned about RevBoss and decided to try its outbound marketing platform.


“RevBoss has a turnkey approach. You tell them what you need in terms of audience. They do the rest, and leads come in the door,” said Mitch.

Initial campaigns were not even remotely salesy. Instead, RevBoss used a founder story focused on Mitch’s background as an early stage VP Marketing at a high-growth SaaS company and his personal story launching Demandwell. The email didn’t pressure the recipient to make a purchase — it told a story and invited a conversation to help Mitch learn from the recipient, not pitch a product or service. The strategy was a success.


Demandwell’s RevBoss investment exceeded its projections and expectations. In a matter of months, the RevBoss technique delivered dozens of opportunities to Demandwell’s pipeline. By closing the first of many of these leads, Mitch already made back his investment. 

RevBoss truly helped us get off the ground,” said Mitch. The pipeline is full, with many more contracts expected to close in the next 90 days.