Scaling New Heights: How Boardable Multiplied Its Impact with RevBoss


Jeb Banner, a seasoned nonprofit leader, recognized a glaring issue in the nonprofit world: the chaotic management of board activities through a disjointed array of digital tools. This realization birthed Boardable, a venture-backed platform designed to streamline board management for nonprofits, ensuring that organizations could focus more on their missions and less on administrative chaos.

The Quest for Scalable Lead Generation

Following a fresh infusion of venture capital, Boardable was poised for growth but faced a critical challenge: expanding its sales reach without overburdening its lean sales and marketing teams. The solution to this puzzle came in the form of RevBoss, a partner chosen to turbocharge Boardable’s lead generation efforts.

Crafting a Winning Strategy with RevBoss

Jeb describes the collaboration with RevBoss as a “snowball effect,” where initial efforts to build an email prospecting process gradually gained momentum. Through continuous refinement based on performance data and market feedback, Boardable saw a steady increase in prospective customers signing up for demos, leading Jeb to confidently urge RevBoss to accelerate their efforts.

Impressive Outcomes Fuel Rapid Growth

The partnership with RevBoss has been nothing short of transformative for Boardable, bringing in nearly 100 paying customers and achieving a 3x return on investment. A robust lead rate of 4 percent (compared to the industry standard of 1 to 2 percent), and reply rates as high as 65 percent in some market segments, underscore the efficacy of RevBoss’s targeted approach.

A Partnership That Feels Like an Extension of the Team

Jeb praises RevBoss not just for its results but for its role as an integral extension of Boardable’s sales team, providing the expertise and efficiency of a dedicated salesperson without the associated costs. The impact of RevBoss on Boardable’s growth is undeniable, with the business expanding over 300% since the partnership began. Jeb attributes a significant portion of this growth to their comprehensive sales and marketing strategy, with RevBoss playing a pivotal role.

Fostering a Virtuous Cycle of Referrals

An unexpected yet welcome outcome of the RevBoss collaboration has been the acceleration of Boardable’s referral process. The new customers gained through RevBoss have become advocates for Boardable, spreading the word within their networks and contributing to a self-reinforcing cycle of growth.

Looking Ahead: Anticipating Continued Success

With hundreds of customers now on board and projections pointing to another tripling in size within the next year, Boardable’s future looks brighter than ever. Jeb’s satisfaction with RevBoss is profound, highlighting their responsiveness and genuine investment in Boardable’s success.

A Strong Endorsement

Jeb’s final verdict on RevBoss is a resounding endorsement: a highly recommended partner for any organization looking to scale efficiently and effectively. Through strategic collaboration, RevBoss has not only accelerated Boardable’s growth but has also played a crucial role in enabling nonprofits to devote more energy to their essential work, thereby amplifying their impact on the world.