SaaS Company Finds Big Gains with RevBoss

A nonprofit is meant to better the world, not get bogged down in paperwork. Jeb Banner knows because he’s started two nonprofits and chaired a few others. “Most nonprofits manage boards using digital duct tape,” said Jeb, referring to the myriad of platforms that hold minutes, bylaws, chats and calendars. “If a board isn’t organized, it decreases the impact of the organization and mission.”

That’s why he started Boardable, a venture backed board management platform for nonprofit boards.


After a fresh round of venture funding, Boardable needed to scale up its sales efforts. The company needed a process that generated qualified leads without crippling its lean sales and marketing teams. Enter RevBoss.


Jeb likens working with RevBoss to a snowball effect. The RevBoss team collaborated with Boardable to build an email prospecting process that has improved with time as performance metrics and market insights have led to messaging and targeting tweaks. 

“With all the small improvements we’ve made, prospective customers are signing up for Boardable demos on a daily basis,” reported Jeb. Now that the leads are flowing and the process is tightly integrated with his CRM, Jeb told RevBoss to bring on the leads. “We are trying to see how far and fast RevBoss can go.” 

Jeb has found RevBoss to be a cost effective and automated solution that far outpaces the laborious task of making outbound calls to people who probably aren’t going to pick up the phone.


“RevBoss has brought us close to 100 paying customers,” said Jeb. “It’s generated somewhere in the range of 3X our investment thus far.” 

The numbers don’t lie — lead rate is a robust 4 percent compared to the industry standard of 1 to 2 percent, and reply rates are as high as 65 percent in some market segments. 

RevBoss brings a lot of experience to the sales prospecting process, according to Jeb. “They know what works. They have a good data set,” said Jeb. “RevBoss feels like an extension of our sales team, without the cost of a sales person. Since we started using RevBoss, our business has grown over 300%.” While Jeb attributes some of that growth to the entire sales and marketing push, “RevBoss is definitely a big piece of it.”

There’s a secondary effect. Boardable serves foundations, schools, and organizations that frequently spread the word to colleagues. “The referral piece is really starting to take off now. The net new customers we’re signing up via RevBoss are accelerating this process,” said Jeb. 

After attracting hundreds of customers, Jeb projects that Boardable will triple again in the next year. “We really enjoy working with RevBoss,” said Jeb. “They are responsive, and they take a genuine interest in our success. We highly recommend them.”