GLYNT Increases Pipeline 10X with RevBoss

“We’ve had so many people say, ‘I get a lot of sustainability emails but I opened this one’ — they will literally tell us ‘this one caught our attention’.”

– Martha Amram, CEO & Founder, GLYNT

Something To Sell

With no previous cold email marketing experience, GLYNT came to us in 2020 because they knew they had something to sell that was starting to resonate with customers and wanted to expand.

They were in product market discovery mode and saw RevBoss as a partner to help test which markets they should go after, to explore nuances and use cases, and find out who was responding so they could narrow in on their ideal customers.

All Part of the Process

As we do with all new clients, we take time to do a thorough onboarding — getting to know our clients’ target market, differentiators, and their goals for our partnership. The better we can understand our clients and their target market, the better our copy and campaigns will be.

In the beginning, we targeted several verticals. The messaging was nebulous and open at the start, designed to get prospects curious and open to a conversation.

As part of the discovery process, RevBoss ran several experiments for GLYNT — one of which, after a few weeks of sending, the Account Manager raised as a red flag… it just wasn’t working. We repeated the same experiment with minor tweaks to the copy reflecting some shifts in the market — and we started hitting 40% open rates — a huge validation for GLYNT.

From Discovery to Product Fit

Once we were able to hone in on the target markets and pain points, GLYNT went from discovery to product focus and fit — and their lead volume doubled within a month.

The real value for GLYNT was being able to rapidly test and iterate while exploring new markets.

As they hit high-growth mode, GLYNT diversified their outreach and built out their own account-based marketing campaigns — with what they learned from RevBoss informing their strategy and messaging along the way.