GLYNT Increases Pipeline 10X with RevBoss


Software company is at the forefront of data transformation, turning complex documents into accessible, actionable data with cutting-edge AI, making critical information readily available for businesses.

The Challenge

In 2020,, armed with a promising product but new to cold email marketing, partnered with RevBoss. Their goal: to explore and capture new markets, define their ideal customer base, and amplify their reach.

Experimentation Leads to Success

As with all new clients, understanding Glynt’s unique market position and goals helps lay the foundation for a tailored marketing strategy. That’s why we take the time to do a thorough onboarding — to uncover our client’s target market, differentiators, and goals for our partnership.

RevBoss’s strategy evolved from casting a wide net across various verticals to pinpointed, high-impact campaigns. This shift wasn’t without its trials – but RevBoss’s agility in adapting to market feedback paid off. A once underperforming campaign revamped to align with market shifts skyrocketed to a 40% open rate — and was a huge validation for GLYNT as they tested new markets.

Results That Speak’s lead volume doubled in just a month. But beyond numbers, the journey with RevBoss was about rapid testing, market exploration, and learning. These insights were instrumental as transitioned to high growth, influencing their own account-based marketing strategies.

Conclusion’s story is more than a 10X increase in pipeline. It’s about adaptability, learning, and strategic partnerships leading to exponential growth.