Why honesty?

This may surprise you, but not everyone in the world – especially the lead generation world – values honesty and transparency.

It shows when we talk to prospective clients that are skeptical because they’ve “been burned by a lead gen company before” or ask why we don’t guarantee things like the number of leads we generate or the ROI they can expect as a client.

Our aim is to help make outbound a long-term, sustainable channel for our clients. And if we don’t think we can do it, we will tell you so you can invest those marketing dollars elsewhere.

Client Reporting

We designed the RevBoss platform so that you see the same process, data, and insights that our team sees. We don’t obscure any numbers or fabricate data, and we don’t hide from our results.


One-size messaging does not fit all – that's why our team dives deep into understanding you, your brand, its unique voice, and the values that drive it, with a focus on authenticity and personalization. We don’t use “hacks” or “offers” or misleading copy.

No BS, Only CS

We won’t promise you anything other than 1) a Client Success team that cares deeply, 2) software that ensures a pristine, personalized process, and 3) a commitment to working together to give you the best shot we can at landing great clients.

What They’re Saying… and What You Should Hear

“We guarantee 100 meetings over the next 6 months…”

Guarantees like this are actually just sales hacks meant to get you in the door – the person telling you this doesn’t know you well enough to make this promise. The truth is that each company is different – market, message, referral clients, timing, all of it matters. So while we don’t “guarantee” “success”, we’ll absolutely guarantee the things that we can control – thoughtful strategy, brilliant software, damn good copywriting, and a team that cares.

“Our team of experienced cold callers will…”

Cold calling works, but only for a handful of narrowly defined categories. Outsourced cold call shops churn through 100s of calls with the cheapest labor possible in hopes of getting just a couple of connections a day… which means the precious few connections that hear about your brand and service hear it from inexperienced folks who likely can’t authentically represent your brand.

“We use AI to generate personalized copy at scale…”

Until you can teach an AI about “you” and “your prospect,” then AI “personalization” is just surface level fluff, a mile wide but an inch deep.

“You’re gonna have an explosive ROI!”

It’s no surprise that a market with an aforementioned “reputation” is saturated with companies telling you what you want to hear selling ‘hacks’ and ‘unlocks’ and ‘explosive growth’. The truth is – marketing is hard, really hard. Sometimes it’s magic and it’s easy, but most of the time it’s a grind. We’re grinders, not hackers.

“We’re going to generate 50 leads next month…”

We’ve definitely had HUGE months for our clients, but any email prospecting vendor that’s promising you eye-popping results is either 1) sending reputation-scorching volumes of email on your behalf or 2) lying or 3) both.

“We do pay for performance…”

Pay for performance lead gen sounds great! No risk! Win-win! In reality, these relationships don’t work because neither side makes a meaningful commitment and thus neither side has an incentive to put forth any effort when the process inevitably isn’t as easy as everyone hoped it would be.

The RevBoss Honesty Pledge

We won’t take shortcuts. Marketing, especially outbound, is really hard. There are no guarantees, special hacks, Instagram growth bros, or shortcuts to outbound success. We deliver a clean process and predictable, sustainable results at a reasonable price.

We’ll never over-promise. We don’t mislead our prospects in the sales process and we don’t mislead our clients. But we’ll absolutely guarantee outbound expertise from 100s of clients, really great software, damn good copywriting, and a team that cares. We’ll let our results speak for themselves. And if the results aren’t there, we’ll be honest about it.

We’ll do no harm. We’ll go to great lengths to protect your brand and your reputation. And we’ll go to even greater lengths to build a long-term, successful relationship. Our client success rate isn’t 100% – whose is? – but you’ll never say “I’ve been burned by a lead generation company before…” in reference to RevBoss.

Looking for some truth?

We'd love to help if we can. We'll be honest if we can't.

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