How Many Customers Should I Get From My Outbound Sales Program?

Our new clients always ask us how many customers they should expect from the RevBoss sales development service.  More often than not, our answer is: “It depends.” ... Continue Reading »

The RevBot Beta is here…

We’re excited to share that our beta product — lovingly called RevBot — is ready to go.  The app is fairly basic, but enormously useful.  We’ve moved everything ... Continue Reading »

Happy Halloween From Danny @ RevBoss

All of RevBoss (plus some friends @ Device Magic) dressed like RevBoss VP Business Development Danny Chu for Halloween.  We all wore his typical “I don’t have ... Continue Reading »

Sales Development Tool To Check Out: Kimono Labs

We’re big fans of Kimono Labs at RevBoss. We use it semi-regularly to augment the sales prospecting programs we build for our clients. Kimono is basically a ... Continue Reading »

Sales Development Suppression Problems

Once your sales development program starts to gain traction, you’ll eventually find yourself with a number of data problems — one of which is suppression.  When you’re ... Continue Reading »

Introducing RevBot

We’re excited to share that we’ve got an alpha product in the can.  We’re calling the app RevBot — it is fairly small/simple today, but already pretty ... Continue Reading »

Sales Development Hacks For Google Sheets

Sales development professionals invariably spend a fair portion of their time massaging prospect lists and prospect data in spreadsheets. We certainly do more than our fair share ... Continue Reading »

Social Selling

Social selling can mean a number of things: Making your LinkedIn profile not suck. Using LinkedIn to connect with new sales prospects. Engaging with prospects in real-time ... Continue Reading »

4 Good Ways And 1 Bad Way Sales Development Pros Take “No” For An Answer

If you’re a sales development professional and you’re not hearing “no” many, many times per day, then you’re not trying hard enough. So what are the best ... Continue Reading »

How To Use oDesk For Sales Prospecting

Sales Prospecting has very quickly become our core business at RevBoss.  We launched the product/service in January and we’ve quickly racked up some great results for great ... Continue Reading »
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