Sales Coach: Be skeptical…but then be ruthless.

You can grossly oversimplify the B2B sales process into two stages: Stage 1:  Before the prospect says “yes”. Stage 2:  After the prospect says “yes”. The two ... Continue Reading »

How to Use LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting + Outreach

We realize that we aren’t sharing any groundbreaking secrets here…but we love using LinkedIn for sales prospecting and outreach.  Alongside other efforts like outbound email and cold-calling, ... Continue Reading »

Sales Coach: Don’t accept “I’ll get back to you” from a prospect

Here is a frustrating scenario you’ve almost certainly encountered: You connect with a great prospect. The demo goes really well. The questions and answers are good. You ... Continue Reading »

The RevBoss Reporting and Analytics Overhaul

We’ve been working on a huge reporting and analytics overhaul for a few weeks now and we’re excited to share that it’s shipping early next week. Before ... Continue Reading »

4 Sales Blogs You Should Add to Your Reading List

We digest a lot of content. Our team is constantly sharing articles, how-to’s and blog posts with one another when we find things that are interesting or ... Continue Reading »

Sales Coach: Confirm Your Meetings, Get Fewer No-Shows

It really sucks to put a ton of effort into tee’ing up the demo call — lots of emails, juggling schedules, etc. And it double sucks when ... Continue Reading »

5 Sales Tools to Make Your Life Easier

We love finding (or building!) new tools to make our daily life easier so that we can spend more time on the most important things, like keeping ... Continue Reading »

The 12-Step Sales Flow Outline

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a billion times a lot — it’s hard to write effective sales messaging. We’re trying to make the process a little easier ... Continue Reading »

3 Ways to Respond When A Prospect Says No 🙅🏼

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but not every response from your outbound campaign will be a resounding “yes please!” — in fact, it’s ... Continue Reading »

Sales Messaging Checklist

It is super hard to write a compelling sales email, so we made this checklist (get the printable version here!) to hopefully make it a little easier. ... Continue Reading »
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