Increase your network on LinkedIn and find qualified opportunities

If you’re a marketing agency, a software or tech company, or B2B service provider, LinkedIn is a qualified channel to integrate into your outbound marketing efforts.

Weave LinkedIn outreach into your outbound marketing campaigns to increase visibility and create more opportunities for sales conversations.

RevBoss formulates a LinkedIn strategy that specifically targets an audience of your ideal prospects using the various LinkedIn touch points. Connection requests, InMails, and follow-up touches with custom messaging from the RevBoss are coordinated into specific campaigns.

Easily add another marketing channel

Mng LinkedIn into a more integrated outbound approach.

Proven strategies done-for-you

RevBoss handles the entire LinkedIn process and builds the strategy directly into your existing outbound campaigns.

Meet prospects where they already are

Leverage the existing community of LinkedIn to build relationships with key target prospects.

How Does It Work?

We develop a targeted LinkedIn prospecting program to build your network and start sales conversations.

Targeted audience: We’ll increase your connections with ideal prospects so that we have a captive audience for messaging campaigns and so that your LinkedIn sharing becomes more impactful.

Coordinated attack: LinkedIn search enables unique prospecting opportunities, e.g. alma mater, profile keywords, group memberships, job changes, etc.  We’ll activate these prospects via LinkedIn and RevBoss email.

Flexible campaigns: You’ll work with your account manager to develop up to 2 campaigns per month, connecting with potential prospects and following up with a friendly pitch and invitation to connect for a call.

Integrated strategy:  Our team executes the process in LinkedIn, but we’ll still manage the tracking in RevBoss.  Just like our email process, we’ll use data to track campaign performance and adjust when necessary.

Leverage Your LinkedIn Network

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to generate qualified sales conversations.

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