Hiring Startup Lands First Customer With RevBoss

In 2020, the workplace went through big changes. While the global pandemic accelerated remote work, cultural shifts led to renewed efforts to diversify staff. These trends have had a big effect on hiring practices. 

Luma is a startup that addresses these challenges with a hiring platform that intelligently guides recruiting teams throughout the entire interview process. “Our software is your copilot to make sure you get the right people in the right seats,” said Grace Tyson, co-founder and CEO. 

Luma integrates with applicant tracking systems and remote conference platforms to record and analyze conversations between hiring managers and prospective employees. This ensures that the interview process is consistent, equitable, fast, and collaborative. 


As a recently hatched startup, Luma needed a roadmap to build its sales funnel from the ground up and needed a process that scaled Grace’s time as both the CEO and the one-woman sales team. Plus, there’s a lot of noise in the HR sector, so Luma needed a quick way to differentiate its offering and reach out to the right targets.


Luma was referred to RevBoss by the High Alpha startup studio, where Grace was an entrepreneurial partner. At the initial meeting, Grace had a hypothesis about whom to target. She provided a messaging structure and the value proposition. “And then they went to work,” she said. “Our first paying customer came from RevBoss.

As a startup, Luma had no budget for a business development representative. And that’s just fine with Grace. “RevBoss is more consistent and predictable than a BDR, which is great, especially at our stage. RevBoss is faster, and it achieves a broader reach than a BDR can because it combines expertise with automation.” 

RevBoss augmented its email prospecting with targeted outreach on LinkedIn.  The connections from LinkedIn provided an additional flow of new prospects and conversations.   


The leads started rolling in. In 6 months (and counting), RevBoss has generated 139 leads for Luma Teams, including big names in the Fortune 500. 

From a speed and experimentation perspective, it’s allowed us to hone in on our ideal customer profile with minimal time spent. RevBoss is a really good relationship builder. They definitely built a good relationship with me. They’re very compelling, very nice people.” 

Over the course of the RevBoss engagement, Luma’s lead gen efforts have yielded a nearly 35 percent open rate, with a unique open rate of over 50 percent.

RevBoss-powered emails have a robust reply rate of almost 6 percent. Grace sees great value in the partnership, and plans to continue filling the Luma pipeline with RevBoss leads.