Marketing Insider Group Finds A True Partner in RevBoss

Burned by The Past

Michael had been burned in the past by lead gen companies — but he knew he needed us to grow his business and he came to us very open to the idea of what we do at RevBoss.

It was open communication and an open partnership right from the start — which was incredibly helpful for us to be able to find and hone in on the sweet spots to help get MIG consistent leads.

Up and To The Right

During onboarding, we ask our clients to give us their story — especially when we’re working directly with the founder/CEO. Michael has a great story and we were able to tell it in an interesting way in the email copy.

In terms of success, we like to describe it as a squiggly line that moves up and to the right — but not before it goes backwards and down and up and around again. Iteration, patience, and trust are key — we’ve seen time and again how these campaigns can take a few months to hit their stride.

That’s exactly what happened with MIG.

There were a lot of iterations in the first 6 months and we worked really closely together until something clicked. If it wasn’t for Michael buying in and trusting the process in those first 6 months we would never have gotten the success we’ve seen.

A True Partnership

In the very first week we received a number of gracious “no’s” — like “hey I’m not interested right now

but great email!” Michael never had anyone thank him for an email. (We have.) 🙂

By month 3, we started seeing leads regularly and by month 6, a handful of leads were coming in every week.

The icing on the cake for Michael was feeling aligned to our mission and approach and philosophy — where we see your success as our success. It’s a true partnership.