Skild Client Success Story

SkildSkild Gets Busy the RevBoss Way

Anil Rathi hated his corporate job. So he quit. Like many of his peers, he was looking to do more than just collect a paycheck. “People are disengaged. They find no meaning in work,” said Anil, who went on to start his own company, Skild. “Workers want a company culture where they can strive and use their skills.”

Skild works with organizations to create employee engagement programs that help workers as well as their communities. Skild helps clients like Activision, Cisco, the Department of Energy, and Ford. With a hybrid SaaS platform/marketing agency, Skild has run over 500 challenges, and facilitated the distribution of $200 million in prizes.


Anil needed to evolve his outbound effort. He sought to get in front of decision makers who needed help with employee happiness and innovation. “Skild empowers them with the tools to operate a turnkey program.”

It was time to tap a larger market. Anil tried SEM, SEO, direct marketing, and some outbound prospecting efforts, but was unable to get in front of the right audience.


Eager for rapid growth, Skild signed up to pilot RevBoss’ outbound sales prospecting offering. Anil told the RevBoss team that Skild had its own copywriter. “I had him write copy,” recalled Anil. “I asked RevBoss, ‘How’s this?’ They replied, ‘It’s not going to work.’” 

To prove the point, RevBoss conducted A/B testing with Skild and RevBoss messaging. “RevBoss was right. Our copy was too flowery. We weren’t meant for this medium. RevBoss messages are more conversational. No sales pitch. And it worked! Conversion rates are really good. People don’t want pushy. We are seeing amazing results from RevBoss campaigns,” said Anil. 

So far, open rates have been impressive, exceeding 54%, and reply rates are as high as 16.67% for successful campaigns. Responses from prospects have been enthusiastic.


Within 48 hours, Skild had its first lead, and has enjoyed a consistent flow of 3 to 8 leads per week. “With RevBoss, the majority of our prospects come from outbound efforts,” said Anil, who focused nearly 100% of his time on sales, due to the rapid growth in the pipeline. 

“Before, we were relying on word of mouth. It was very inconsistent. It was frustrating. We were not finding a channel model fit. With RevBoss, we finally have it. We are having great conversations and learning from all of our leads. We have a fresh lease on life. As a business owner I feel so relieved. RevBoss guided me with the right formula.” 

Anil reports that revenue has skyrocketed. Skild is tracking to a 400% ROI with RevBoss thus far. Skild will double its revenue this year, and the pipeline is loaded. The sales cycle has dropped to a third of the time it used to take. “The leads don’t get any better than this,” concludes Anil.

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