What is a good referral lead for RevBoss?

Even though we’d love nothing more than to help every B2B sales team on the planet, we’ve learned that our service just doesn’t work as well for some businesses as it does for others.  As such, we’re pretty careful about the clients that we take on.

In short, we love to work with clients that:

  • Want to invest in growth – i.e. has a budget and has a sales team/person.
  • Sell into large markets – ideally a national or international market.
  • Have interesting / differentiated products and services – our process doesn’t work well for commodity offerings like IT managed services, business telephony, etc.
  • Have a B2B model – we don’t do consumer leads.

Great Referral Leads

  • 25+ person marketing agency with national clients and market.
  • SaaS company with well-defined target customer and sales process.
  • SaaS Start-up with $2M seed investment.
  • 40 person consulting firm that wants to double over the next 18 months.

Not Great Referral Leads

  • 8 person marketing agency with local clients and focus.
  • IT company selling old school systems or commodity products like telephony.
  • Bootstrapped start-up that is building product but not actively selling.
  • 6 person consulting firm looking to add a client or two over the next year.

Most of our clients are either business services providers (marketing agencies, consulting firms, PR firms, etc.) or technology companies (SaaS, tech-enabled services).  We have lots of clients that don’t fit neatly into either of these categories, so we’re always happy to meet new folks that otherwise might be a good fit.

If you’re not sure whether or not a referral is a good fit for us, email us at partners@revboss.com with some details (company website, who they’re selling to, your relationship to the prospect, etc.) and we can provide quick guidance or ask some quick questions that’ll help us get to an answer. 

How should you talk about RevBoss?

If you’re a happy client, then the best way to talk about RevBoss is probably to use your own experience as a guide!  Just tell your friends, colleagues, and/or clients what’s good, get ‘em to take a call, and then we’ll do the rest.

See below for some brief talking points based on a few common client types.

Marketing Agencies 

  • Agencies typically rely on referrals and word-of-mouth to grow, which can lead to a feast-or-famine cycle that can be painful at times.
  • RevBoss helps marketing agencies build a proactive growth engine.  Instead of waiting for clients to find them, RevBoss helps agencies start conversations with the right people at the right companies, which broadens an agency’s reach, develops consistency in its sales efforts, and dramatically increases its chances of being in the right place at the right time.
  • In our experience, great fit agency clients usually have an initial deal size that is large enough to generate a fantastic ROI with just a single new client from RevBoss.

SaaS Companies

  • Early stage SaaS companies (less than 20 employees) typically don’t have a lot of sales traction – we can help these companies test and validate markets that they think are a fit and significantly increase time to market.
  • For SaaS companies that are looking to hire SDR teams, RevBoss is a way for them to scale their sales process without having to hire an entire team.  We generally don’t replace SDRs, but we can absolutely make them more effective.
  • SaaS company marketing teams are often stretched very thin and don’t have the time, resources, and/or experience to build a world-class email prospecting program – so in many cases we’re simply an extra pair of hands (plus software, data, etc.) that makes sure the work gets done right.


  • Outbound prospecting is COMPLICATED.  If outbound prospecting is a new idea for a company, they should at least consider working with a partner like us – otherwise they might be taking on much, much more than they anticipate.
  • RevBoss has been RevBoss’ing since 2014 – we’re good at what we do and have lots of happy clients that will take a reference call to affirm it.

The most important thing to remember is this: 

You don’t need to sell RevBoss, you just need to sell an intro call with us.

How should you pass over a referral?

There are two ways you can pass over referrals to the RevBoss team.

Partner Form

We’ve probably already emailed you a partner form that is unique to you.  (Email us at partners@revboss.com if you don’t have one.)

This form has all of the fields that we require and routes directly into Marketo so that it will be easy for us to 1) attribute the referral to you and 2) get you paid if we end up closing it.

Email Intro

We actually prefer getting an email intro to referral leads – it’s a friendlier, easier way for you to pass over a conversation that we can continue.  (Don’t worry – we’ll make sure to attribute the email intro to you.)

You can make the email intro directly to the RevBoss rep that you already know OR you can make the intro to partners@revboss.com and address the email to our CEO, Eric Boggs.  You’ll have clout making a connect at the CEO level and Eric will reply enthusiastically regardless of whether or not you’ve actually met. 🙂

Here are a couple intro email examples (that we borrowed from actual referral partners!) that you can use as a starting point:

Example #1 – Happy Client

FirstName – please meet Stephanie, VP Sales at RevBoss.  We’ve been using RevBoss at Company for a while now – the results and the team have both been outstanding.

Steph – please meet FirstName, my friend/colleague that works at Company.  Based on my experience working with your team, I think that RevBoss might be able to help FirstName and the Company team.

You two will enjoy meeting each other – I hope you’re able to connect soon.

Example #2 – SaaS Company

Stephanie, meet Person! He’s the Title @ Company, a growth stage startup that’s looking to…. He’s looking to hire some channel BDRs. I mentioned RevBoss and he’d love to explore how you might be able to work together.

Person, meet Stephanie! She runs the show over at RevBoss and is happy to explain how their outsourced model works and how they might be able to help your team.

I’ll let you two take it from here.

Example #3 – We Already Talked About You

Hi Stephanie!

I’d like to introduce you to Joe Smith, BD Manager at Agency ABC123 – a digital marketing consultancy based in BigCity.

Joe and I had coffee yesterday and he asked how we manage our outbound strategy…so I naturally sang the praises of RevBoss. 

Joe is copied to this email – happy connecting!

Our Promise To You

We recognize that by introducing someone to us you’re staking a bit of your reputation on RevBoss.  We appreciate this and will never take it for granted. 


We’ll put the prospect first.

The prospect’s / client’s success comes first and our success second.  If a company isn’t the right fit for us or vice versa, we’ll say “no” in the kindest way possible.  Integrity always wins.

We’ll invest in the intros.

We don’t do high volume, transactional sales – we’ll take the time to ensure that we’re mutually a great fit.

We’ll be transparent.

We will be 100% transparent throughout our process – from timelines and expectations with the prospects you refer to us through to the commissions we’ll send your way when they close.