A win for everyone.

You earn commissions. We get great new clients. Your friends work with the hardest working lead gen team in the business.

Simple process.

All you have to do is make the connection — we’ll do the rest.  You can make an email intro or submit a partner web form.

Anyone can be a partner.

The program is available for everyone, regardless of whether or not you’re a RevBoss client.

Two Partnership Tracks

We’ve structured a two-tier program to have great-fit options for everyone.

Referral Partner

  • Earn a passive monthly recurring revenue stream for yourself or your company.
  • Available for anyone!  There are no expectations or obligations from RevBoss – just send over your friends and colleagues that we might be able to help.
  • 10% revenue share commission on the first contract for referrals that become RevBoss clients.

Ecosystem Partner

  • Grow your business by offering email lead gen solutions to your clients or portfolio companies.
  • Available for RevBoss clients and affiliates like VC firms and technology partners. These relationships extend beyond one-off intros and incorporate integrated products and services.
  • Lifetime revenue share commission or bundled client subscription discount for referrals that become RevBoss clients.

Partner Resources

We’ll provide all the resources you need to get started – email intros that you can copy/paste, referral qualification guidelines, a “how to talk about RevBoss” document, and – if you need it – a partner web-form that is unique to you.

We’re happy to provide Ecosystem partners with a customized on-boarding process, including sales training and resources if you need them.  Additionally, we’ll set up regular partner check-ins with RevBoss management.


Get Started

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