RevBoss Platform

An All New Model For Outbound Success

Our vision for RevBoss Platform is simple — a lower touch RevBoss process that is automated, affordable, and effective.

We on-board our Platform customers just like our Full Service clients — we’ll build custom strategy, messaging, prospecting, and take care of all of inbox set-up and CRM integration.

Once you’re running, we’ll let the RevBoss app and AI make most of the decisions and do most of the heavy lifting. We’ll keep an eye on things in the background and check in every 90 days for a strategy review.

We’ve built successful outbound programs for 100s of clients. We’d love to build one for you.

Easy-To-Understand Performance Dashboard

AI Reply Management & Appointment Setting

Automated, Personalized Email Outreach

Detailed Insights

Advanced Personalization Tools


Reply Management

We’ll manage your replies, including appointment setting, opt-outs, follow-up-later requests, and more. Ask us for a demo of our new Inbox feature, it’ll blow your mind. :)


We’ll set up and manage the domains and inboxes that you need, just like we do for our Managed Service clients. Deliverability can be tricky to manage and we’re the experts – so leave it to us.


Our experts on the customer support team are just a chat away. Ask for help with anything from strategy, to messaging, to integrations, to product support.


Who Is It For?

RevBoss Platform is best for:

Marketing teams that want more functionality, tighter integration, and more support for their outbound programs.

Business owners and founders that want to build an outbound motion but don’t have a full-service budget.

Organizations that want to downshift from a full service agency and bring outbound in-house.


How Much Does It Cost?

Pricing starts at $1,500 per month (or $15,000 per year). This includes:

  • 5 users. Additional users are available for $50/month.
  • 10 inboxes that we’ll manage on your behalf.
  • Integration support with your CRM and marketing process.
  • Custom on-boarding — messaging, strategy, prospects, etc.
  • Product and process training for your team.
  • On-going support from the RevBoss Client Success team.

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RevBoss Platform FAQs

How is this different from RevBoss Managed Service?

RevBoss Platform is a SaaS offering backed with deliverability and reply management support.

We’ll get you started with messaging, strategy, prospect data, etc. and then we’ll train your team to manage the process and be available to help when you need it.

In contrast, do *everything* indefinitely for our Managed Service clients.

Will I have an account manager?

Yes! You’ll still have a point of contact at RevBoss. Their job will oriented towards product and process support as opposed to active management.

How does the Inbox feature work?

Inbox uses AI/ML to categorize and process all email replies and ChatGPT to auto-generate replies. For example, a “follow up in 2 weeks” prospect response will have a threaded reply scheduled for ~2 weeks later — all completely automated.

What does “deliverability management” mean?

We’ll purchase and manage domains and inboxes on your behalf and ensure that you’re hitting the inbox. This is a critical part of the outbound process that is hard to get right, so we’ll take care of it for you.

What if I’m not getting results? What if I need help?

Just let us know! We’re eager to learn from your experience so that we can improve the product and ensure that you’re getting results.

Build An In-House Outbound Machine

We’ve built successful outbound programs for 100s of clients. We’d love to build one for you.

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