RevBoss Products & Pricing

Data, software, and expertise to find your next customer. Lots of client ♥ included free of charge. :)

Managed Service

starts at $2,000 /mo.

Month-to-month option available.


Price per lead varies.

Performance-based engagements.
How it works:
We build, execute your email prospecting program.
High-touch -- focused on testing, learning, scaling.
Your team follows up on the warm leads.
Engagements based on service and prospect volume.
We build, execute your email prospecting program.
Execution focused on quality, velocity, scale.
We forward warm leads OR set appointments.
You only pay for qualified leads that we hand off.
Key details:
Starts at $2,000 /mo.
800 prospects /mo. + Account Mgmt

  • We provide everything -- data, software, expertise.
  • Custom messaging, prospecting strategy, sales advisory.
  • Iterative messaging, targeting, and testing to find what works.
  • We activate prospects, your team follows up.
  • Integration with your CRM and marketing tools.
Pricing varies by target prospect, company spec.
Only pay for qualified leads OR completed meetings.

  • We provide everything -- data, software, expertise.
  • Custom messaging, prospecting strategy, sales advisory.
  • Process integrated with your CRM, calendar.
  • Meetings scheduled for your team.
  • Limited to select customers.
Prospecting Engine
Sales Flows
Unlimited Users
Lotsa Love

How is RevBoss different?

Customer Love

Our customer success team is experienced, pro-active, and responsive. We've built sales engines for 100s of customers worldwide -- we know how to make the process work.

Data, Software, Service

It is easy to get just one of these...but you need it all to make a sales prospecting process work. We deliver all three in a single package that is easy to buy and easy to use.

Friendly Data Policy

Our data is great...but it isn't perfect. (Any vendor claiming otherwise is lying.) We'll replace any prospects that bounce so that you only pay for the good stuff.

Fast On-Boarding

We'll have you running in 2 to 3 weeks...way faster than recruiting, hiring, and training a rep that may or may not work out.

Pay For What You Get

With our pay-for-performance offering, only pay for qualified, completed meetings. Zero risk for you. And perfect win/win alignment for us.

Brutal Honesty

There is a lot of over-promising in our industry. We don't do that. We'll be transparent throughout the sales process and your time as a customer.

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Do I need to sign a contract?

Data customers can buy data in a one-off transaction or can sign an annual agreement.

Managed and Pay-For-Performance customers both start with small pilot agreements -- usually 4 to 6 months.

What is the difference between Managed Service and Pay-For-Performance?

For Managed Service customers, we source data, build the program, and forward warm leads for your sales team to follow up.

For Pay-For-Performance customers, we run the same process but take it all the way to putting meetings on your calendar.

How does RevBoss find leads?

B2B data is...complicated. And so is our process. In short, we combine several data sources and partners with computer processing, 3rd party APIs, and cloud workers to provide fast, clean data. We verify every email we source with a 3rd party verification service.

Do you set goals/benchmarks with your clients so they can expect a certain ROI?

There are tons of variables at play with every customer, so it is hard to provide a one-size-fits-all expectation.

However, in short, you can reasonably expect a ~40% open rate, a ~3% to ~6% reply rate, and a ~1% to ~3% conversion to lead rate.

Let's Have a Conversation

If you think that we can be helpful, give us a shout to let us know and we'll be happy to have a chat.