How Spacejunk Rocketed to
Success with RevBoss

"The aha moment for us was finding a partner that allowed us to start with a valuable lead.”

 RevBoss Platform

How RevBoss Platform works


  • Onboard with custom qualification, prospecting, and reply AI models.
  • Target a large audience of perfect fit prospects with personalized email and ads.
  • AI-powered RevBoss InBox replies like you and books meetings on your behalf, automatically.
  • Get a strategy check-in every 90 days to ensure we’re on track and adjust if we need to.
  • No set-up required — we’ll take care of CRM integration, messaging, prospect data, etc.
  • No hassle — Platform is “Service as a Software” and designed to run in the background.
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The RevBoss Difference is Real

The RevBoss Difference is ReaI

People + Product = Pipeline powered by AI

RevBoss Platform is the outbound marketing system that drives brand awareness, site traffic, and qualified leads with an AI-powered, human-enabled managed platform.

No outbound SaaS platform has our agency service or experience. And no outbound agency can match our software investment and expertise.

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Who is RevBoss?

RevBoss is a lead generation company on a mission to bring happiness, accountability, and transparency to the B2B sales process. Using a mix of software automation, creative strategy, and top-notch client service, the company powers full-service lead generation campaigns for 100s of clients around the world across a wide range of industries, including SaaS companies, marketing agencies, and business services providers.

I already have an in-house team, does this replace them?

No! We work with hundreds of companies who have in-house teams that we partner alongside. Sometimes you just need more bandwidth, speed and leads.

What does success look like for your clients?

Success takes many forms but oftentimes it’s building an outbound motion that validates their offering which leads to meetings and ultimately new clients.

If you have questions, you can always reach out to us through the in-app chat – we’ll be eager to help however we can.

How long does it take to get started?

We will have you up and running in 2 weeks.

What does “Deliverability management” mean?

We’ll purchase and manage domains and inboxes on your behalf.  This is a critical (and complicated) part of the outbound process that is hard to get right, so we’ll take care of it for you.

Why should I outsource Lead Generation?

Email prospecting is complicated. It requires a lot to buy software, recruit / train / hire SDRs, and build an in-house email prospecting machine that may not be successful. The RevBoss model is fully automated, managed, and delivered and can have your process running in 2 weeks alleviating the hiring/training burden.

I’m a busy founder, how can RevBoss help me?

RevBoss understands the last thing you have time for is a day full of prospecting. We take all of the grunt work out of your day so you don’t have to guess about messaging, strategy, and outreach which will allow you to focus on founder responsibilities. It allows you to remain lean but highly effective.

Will I have an account Manager?

Yes! You’ll have a point of contact at RevBoss, though their job will oriented towards product and process support as opposed to active program management.  If you need it, we can loop in our copy and strategy teams to help with messaging and campaign builds.

How does the Inbox feature work?

Inbox uses AI/ML to categorize and process all email replies and ChatGPT to auto-generate replies.  For example, a “follow up with me in 2 weeks” reply from a prospect will get tagged as “reply” and have a threaded reply scheduled for ~2 weeks later to re-engage the prospect.  It’s all automated, you just need to approve the email copy.  It’s great. 🙂