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It Reads & Categorizes

InBox reads every incoming reply to every inbox you have connected to RevBoss and categorizes each reply using nearly 10 years of RevBoss training data and experience.

It Builds Custom Replies

Based on the category, InBox sends a custom prompt to GPT4 that generates a reply that a human reviews and approves. It follows up later, replies to cc'd colleagues, books meetings, and more.

It Learns Over Time

InBox will get smarter over time as we expand reply categories and build new prompts. Plus, with some simple training inputs, it can automatically reply to an email exactly like you would.

RevBoss Inbox

Why It Matters

We process 1000s of replies for our clients every week – leads, meeting requests, follow up laters, cc’d colleagues, unsubscribes, and more.

Sometimes we reply on behalf of our clients but in many cases we forward replies to our clients so that they can respond, which means more work for them.

And that’s if the follow-up actually happens, which more often than not it doesn’t. Everyone is busy and sales busy work usually sits at the bottom of the to-do list.

So we built an automated email machine that takes care of busy work so that you can focus on building relationships and winning deals.

Book Meetings Automatically

Auto-Generated Replies

Follow-Ups Done For You


InBox FAQs

Can I give my CSM special reply instructions?

Yes – please do! Let us know if you’d like for us to incorporate specific messaging for common objections like “we don’t have budget” or “we’re already using another vendor”.

Can I get notified when a reply is scheduled?

Sure – we can BCC you on emails as they are sent.

Can I see my InBox?

For now, we are not planning on turning on view access of the InBox to our clients to avoid any confusion or issues of taking actions.

How does this feature help me?

We manually process 1000s of replies for our clients every week, most of which we forward for you to follow up on – which is great because we’re sending over a lead, but not so great because we’re actually creating more work for you to do. And we know that most of you don’t have time to follow up on every reply.

We built Inbox so that 1) you can do less work because we’ll do all the follow up and 2) you’ll get more leads and engagement because we’ll never miss a reply.

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Take Replies Off Your Plate

We've tested and approved Inbox with our clients - and the reviews are great.

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