ProdPerfect Client Success Story

ProdPerfectQA Testing Startup Gets The Bugs Out of Lead Generation

ProdPerfect, a SaaS startup with 22 employees, offers new kind of quality assurance testing tool for software developers. The company stands out from the competition by leveraging live user data to rapidly test for problems that break user experience before users run into them. For a monthly fee that’s much lower than extra staffing or external services, ProdPerfect’s machine learning solution provides far more accurate QA tests by analyzing customer behavior to test what users really care about. 


In early 2019, ProdPerfect secured a $2.6 million seed round, and set aggressive growth projections. The push was on to find customers, fast. 

ProdPerfect co-founder Erik Fogg was in search of time and cost efficient sales prospecting expertise. “We needed a three to one ratio on what we invest,” said Erik. Internal efforts, advertising, other vendors and offshore contractors didn’t deliver. And then Erik discovered RevBoss.


“We are experts in testing. RevBoss takes away the need to be experts in sales prospecting as well,” said Erik. ProdPerfect was delighted to hand off the outbound efforts to a trusted partner. 

Based on several discovery sessions, RevBoss built a customized sales prospecting campaign targeting thousands of likely prospects. The RevBoss team worked with ProdPerfect to develop simple, straightforward messaging designed to generate curiosity and engagement.

Qualified leads started coming right away.  A few targeting and messaging tweaks later, the team had magic.


After just 6 months, ProdPerfect already achieved its goal of a 3X return on investment in RevBoss. “I am shocked at how hands-off it has been working with RevBoss,” said Erik. “It’s a major game changer. Because we’re getting more at bats, we are disqualifying leads more aggressively. This means my sales team’s productivity significantly improved.” 

ProdPerfect has learned from the process as well. Erik said, “We had a notion of what companies and titles are a good fit for us. RevBoss put thought into this and brought us new ideas and new leads from new verticals and situations.” Greg Karwaski, ProdPerfect’s head of outbound growth strategy, added, “We are getting leads from companies we never would have thought of otherwise.” 

The ProdPerfect team loves how RevBoss integrates seamlessly with Salesforce. “There’s a lot of visibility and control in terms of our sales stack. If we add someone into salesforce, RevBoss will let us know if they’ve been prospected and add it to our suppression list,” said Greg. 

ProdPerfect emails have phenomenal stats, including open rates of up to 72%, reply rates topping 27%, and up to a 9.5% prospect-to-lead conversion rate.

Thanks to RevBoss, ProdPerfect met its aggressive goals, with an 8X increase in revenue by the end of 2019. Erik was able to hire two additional salespeople, and put feelers out for a vice president of sales. Erik said, “RevBoss has been very much a part of the story of our growth.”