The Big Picture

We believe that sales teams should be able to “push a button” and get a sales pipeline. That's why we created RevBoss — to provide our clients sales results on-demand through a software-driven, human-assisted outbound sales engine.

The RevBoss sales development platform solves some of the most painful problems in the outbound sales process — sourcing the right prospects, personalizing content at scale, and activating prospect conversations across a variety of marketing mediums, including email, social, and banner.

RevBoss isn’t a tool -- it is a solution. We deliver the outputs that your sales team needs -- forward moving sales conversations and scheduled sales appointments -- to build more relationships and close more deals.


The future of sales automation -- and work in general -- lies in the combination of data, software, and humans. RevBoss combines these elements to automate the sales development workflow so that each step in the process gets completed by the most efficient resource...with the goal of completing as many steps as possible with software.

RevBoss automates the menial tasks that destroy productivity and enables your team to do what they do best -- build relationships, advance opportunities, and win deals. Why should sales reps source prospects, write sales emails, or build outreach campaigns when a machine can do it for them?

Machines + People = Magic

Human touch points in our workflow enable RevBoss to streamline tasks that we couldn’t automate with a software-only approach, which creates enormous value for our customers.

We manage a team of part-time, fair-wage cloud workers around the globe -- from the United States to Nepal -- that complete online tasks to source key data and inform our machine learning algorithms.

Outputs, Not Tools

RevBoss is the world’s first sales development platform that spans the whole stack -- data, software, and human productivity. We don’t provide tools -- we provide outputs. We do this because we believe that sales reps should sell, not waste hours sourcing prospects and tinkering with marketing tools.

100% Transparency

Transparency is a core value at RevBoss -- we're radically candid with ourselves and our customers 100% of the time. We’ll share all of our performance data, we’ll be brutally honest about our effectiveness, and we'll work in partnership with your team to make sure you're getting the results that you need to get. There are no sunshine pumps at RevBoss.

Get Started

We work with great companies around the world. Our customers include ListenLoop, Bivarus, SpendSetter, CloudFactory, SimplyInsured, and more. Let's chat -- we'd love to help out if we can.