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How RevBoss Works

We’ve got the prospect data, software, and team you need to find your next customer.

1. Get the Right Prospect Data

We integrate with leading data sources — including our home-grown engine — to provide our customers precise, accurate B2B contact data.

2. Find Your Sales Flow

Our team builds a sales Flow that drives prospect engagement with personalized sales touches. We route active prospects to your sales team.

3. Learn, Rinse, Repeat

You work the prospect convos that we turn up and coordinate with our team to measure and optimize. We grow your pipeline and you win more customers.

Stop Prospecting and Start Selling

RevBoss does the lead gen grunt work so that your team can spend more time moving prospects to close.

Deep Dive On-Boarding

We kick off new customers with a 3-week on-boarding focused on uncovering key prospect segments and what will move them to action.

Custom Strategy & Messaging

Our Customer Success team builds the strategy and writes custom messaging for your program. We’ll drive every step of the process for you.

Meetings Like Magic

We’ll hit “go” together and a few weeks later the first engaged prospects will start to bubble up. Our team drops them in your inbox, your CRM or your calendar.

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Let us know which best describes your company and we’ll route you to the right team.

What is 9+4?


It is important for you to make sure that you manage all of the relationships and interactions that you have with your customers appropriately. That is where a CRM program can be helpful. CRM software stands for customer relationship management software. This is a program that you can use to centralize all of the interactions that you have with your potential customers. The goal is to streamline your sales processes with the help of the best CRM for small and large businesses. For example, if you work as a part of a sales team, you want to make sure that someone else is able to pick up where you left off. The only way you can do this is if you are effectively tracking all of the interactions that you have with your potential customers in a CRM program.

When you are looking for the right CRM program for you, there are plenty of options from which to choose. One of the top tools available is called HubSpot. Hubspot is one of the most comprehensive tools that you can use to track customer interactions, monitor where they are in the sales process, and see if you need to circle back regarding any of their questions or concerns. One of the major advantages of using HubSpot is that it will integrate well with RevBoss. RevBoss has the ability to seamlessly integrate with just about any CRM program, making this one of the most powerful tools when it comes to generating leads for companies. RevBoss will take advantage of a Zapier connection, making it easy for you to work with just about any CRM, including HubSpot.

Of course, there are a few other examples of CRM programs for small businesses that you may find helpful. In addition to Hubspot, you should also take advantage of Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Zoho’s CRM programs. All of these tools can help you keep track of the interactions that you have with your leads. That way, you can officially move them down the sales pipeline until they convert.

Sales Tools

When you are trying to move a lead down the sales pipeline until they convert, it is important for you to take advantage of some of the top sales tools available. With the right sales software, you can automate many of the processes that you used to do by hand. For example, it is helpful for you to use a sales tracker, keeping track of the interactions that you have with your potential customers. With the right sales tracking software for your business, you can take a look at where you are spending your time, how you are spending your time, and focus on leads that are warm.

If you are looking for the best sales tracking software, then you should also take a look at automation tools. Among the various options for sales tracking software, there are automation features that you can use to expedite the tasks that you used to do manually. That way, instead of having to spend time running statistical analyses and filling out spreadsheets by hand, you can use an automation tool to take care of this for you. Then, you can focus your time on more important parts of your business.

Among the various tools and techniques, you should focus on account-based marketing. Instead of using a generalized strategy, you should tailor your marketing tactics to your individual accounts. Remember that all of your leads are going to be a little bit different. Therefore, if you want to maximize your conversion percentages, then you should focus on individual leads, tailoring your marketing tactics to meet their exact demands. Remember that there are tools out there that are suitable for both large and small businesses. These tools can help you refine your digital marketing tactics, making sure that you are making the best impression possible on your potential client. Make sure that you maximize the return you get on your investment by taking advantage of everything that these tools have to offer.

Free CRM

If you run a business, then you are probably very sensitive about your overhead expenses. You do not want to spend more money than you have to. Therefore, you may be looking for free CRM programs, such as SuiteCRM. When you are looking for CRM software for small business for free, understand that there are plenty of options out there. At the same time, understand that a free CRM program is only going to get you so far. If you want to truly take advantage of everything that CRM programs have to offer, then you should be willing to invest in them. The good news is that you can easily find the best low cost CRM for businesses as well.

Using free sales tracking software for small businesses is a great way for you to learn more about which features are important to you and which features you might not need. That way, you can find the best free sales management software for your company. With the best free sales tracking software, you will be able to easily monitor your leads as you interact with them, maximizing your chances of converting them into paying customers.

On the other hand, you also want to make sure that these programs efficiently talk to each other. If you have a bunch of different free tools going, then they may not share data with one another. You need to find a program that will integrate easily with all types of CRM software. That is where RevBoss is helpful. By finding the right program to manage the features of premium CRM suites, free CRM programs, and low-cost CRM options, you will be able to make use of everything that these programs have to offer. This will help you efficiently move potential leads down the sales pipeline until they convert into paying customers. Make sure that you take advantage of everything that RevBoss can do for your sales process.

Salesforce for Small Business

If you are tired of having to manually move data from one school to another, then you need to find a tool that will integrate with just about everything. That is what makes RevBoss stands out from the crowd. With integration through Zapier, you can seamlessly connect RevBoss processes with your CRM and numerous other tools that you have in your marketing stack. This includes Salesforce for small business. With this sales management software, you can construct your sales pipeline from start to finish. Then, you can take advantage of the best sales management system, leveraging a top 10 CRM software to make the most of your sales management tools.

If you are looking for the best sales management software, then you need to make sure that the software program will integrate seamlessly with your other tools. That is what makes RevBoss so powerful. With helpful sales management software for small business, you can streamline a lot of the processes in your online sales management system. Then, you can take complete control of your sales management system project, quickly locating where each of your individual leads is in the conversion process.

A simple sales tracking software program can help you tailor your interactions to the individual stages of your sales pipeline. If you want to keep track of everything that is going on with your potential customers, then you need to make sure that your tools integrate with each other. That is why you should take advantage of RevBoss. RevBoss will seamlessly integrate with just about any tool, including Salesforce. That way, you can automate numerous steps when it comes to your sales process, allowing you to focus your attention on more important parts of your business.

Open Source CRM Github

If you are looking for a CRM program that you can customize to meet your needs, then you are looking for an open-source program. Lead management software open source allows you to individually alter focused lines of code, allowing you to change the way the program operates to meet your individual need. If you are looking for the best open source CRM 20/20, then you should take advantage of open source CRM GitHub.

For those who might not know, GitHub is a code hosting platform that is helpful for version control and collaboration. The program allows people to work on projects from just about anywhere. This includes commits, branches, repositories, and even pull requests. The major advantage of using this software program is that it can be used to change how the program operates, including CRM programs. That way, if there is something that you would like to switch to meet the individual needs of your company, you can do this easily if you have the right coding knowledge.

The good news is that RevBoss can integrate with sales management software open source, including GitHub. That way, even if you have altered the coding of your sales management system open source, you can still integrate it with RevBoss and other sales management tools.

In order for you to remain competitive in the modern era, you need to streamline your sales processes. That is where a CRM program is helpful. You will no longer have to worry about remembering where are your individual prospects are in your sales pipeline. Furthermore, you will also be able they must attract all of your individual communications with your sales prospects. In order to make sure that you get the most out of every minute of every day, you should take advantage of a software program that can integrate with these tools, such as RevBoss.

RevBoss has a turnkey approach. You tell them what you need in terms of your target audience and they do the rest. And the leads come in the door.
Mitchell Causey, Founder & CEO, Demandwell
RevBoss completely altered the trajectory of my business. I'm getting more qualified leads than I've ever had in 15 years of doing this business and I hit a 10X return within six months.
Donald Summers, Founder & CEO, Altruist
RevBoss is more consistent and predictable than a BDR -- it is faster and  achieves a broader reach than a BDR can because it combines expertise with automation.
Grace Tyson, Founder & CEO, Luma
Before, we were relying on word of mouth. It was very inconsistent and frustrating. With RevBoss, we finally have a repeatable model. We are having great conversations and learning from all of our leads.
Anil Rathi, Founder & CEO, Skild
RevBoss feels like an extension of our sales team, without the cost of a sales person. They know what works, they are responsive, and they take a genuine interest in our success.
Jeb Banner, CEO, Boardable

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