Storyboard Media Lands Two Six-figure Contracts with RevBoss


Storyboard Media helps marketing, sales, and customer experience teams leverage video to generate leads, close deals, and delight customers.

The Brink of Reinvention

In the early days of 2020, Storyboard Media found themselves at a crossroads. Following a challenging year, the quest for revitalization was paramount. It was a critical moment, a gamble of sorts, to dive into the lead generation realm with RevBoss. The stakes? Nothing less than the survival of their business. The mission was clear: secure a swift and significant return on investment through fresh client acquisition.

A Unique Blend of Wit and Professionalism

RevBoss’s approach to onboarding isn’t just about understanding a client’s services or market; it’s about capturing the essence of their story and uniqueness. Storyboard Media, known for their wit and humor, presented a unique opportunity. The goal was to infuse their messaging with their characteristic cheekiness, balanced with utmost professionalism. The result? A resounding success that resonated with both the team at Storyboard and their potential clients.

A Synergy That Spells Success

The foundation of any fruitful collaboration is partnership, and at RevBoss, this is epitomized through the assignment of a dedicated Account Manager to each client. Storyboard was paired with Ciarra, the Account Team Lead, marking the beginning of a partnership that felt right from the outset.

The First Fruits of Labor

As campaigns rolled out, leads began to flow in steadily, defying the uncertainties of the early pandemic days with 10-16 promising leads a month. Within five months, Storyboard not only landed their first deal through RevBoss but found themselves inundated with projects. This influx of work was a testament to the effectiveness of the partnership and the precision of the tailored campaigns.

The Quest for Comparison and the Realization of Value

Curiosity led Storyboard to explore other lead generation services, seeking to understand the full spectrum of what was available. This exploration served to highlight RevBoss’s indispensable value, showcasing the unseen efforts and the unmatched returns they provided. It wasn’t long before Storyboard Media recognized the unparalleled advantage of sticking exclusively with RevBoss.

Exclusive Partnership and Unprecedented Growth

This realization paved the way for an exclusive partnership between Storyboard and RevBoss, a decision that catalyzed the landing of two significant six-figure contracts. The journey from a last-ditch effort to a prosperous collaboration underscores the power of understanding a client’s unique voice, the importance of synergy in partnerships, and the undeniable results of a well-orchestrated lead generation strategy.

In their collaboration with RevBoss, Storyboard Media didn’t just find a lead generation service; they discovered a lifeline that propelled them to new heights, illustrating the profound impact of aligning with the right partner at the right time.