Storyboard Media Lands Two Six-figure Contracts with RevBoss

A Last Ditch Effort

Storyboard came to us in early 2020 after a tough year left them looking for ways to find more business. It was time to lay out all their chips and so they made a last ditch lead gen effort with RevBoss.

Needless to say, there was a lot of pressure to get a quick ROI for them in terms of new clients to keep their business afloat.

Cheeky, but Still Professional

During onboarding for our clients, our goal is to get a sense of their offering, their target market, and most of all, their story and what makes them unique. It was clear from the first interaction and from reviewing Storyboard’s previous work that they were hilarious, so we wanted to capture that humor in the messaging. We wrote a version of messaging that was a little bit cheeky but still professional. Spoiler alert: They loved it.

We believe a good partnership drives the most success, so each of our clients has a dedicated Account Manager. Storyboard was paired with Account Team Lead, Ciarra, and both sides agreed it felt like a great partnership from the start.

Once we had messaging finalized, we started up their campaigns and waited for replies to come in.

Consistent Leads for Storyboard

From the beginning, we saw consistent leads for Storyboard — 10-16 leads a month when we first started sending (and these were the uncertain early days of the pandemic). After 5 months, they closed their first deal from one of our leads — and were suddenly so busy that they couldn’t even manage all the projects they’d won.

With our success, Storyboard wanted to see what else was out there in terms of lead gen partners, so they tried out another service. They quickly realized that we were doing a lot behind the scenes that they didn’t know about and didn’t want to have to think about — plus they were getting a lot more return on the companies that we were bringing them.

That’s when we became exclusive.