Website Visitor Retargeting with RevBoss Flows

Integrate website visitor retargeting tools with RevBoss and close your marketing loop with high-quality, signal-based email campaigns. Pairing website visitor re-targeting with outbound email increases email engagement, in addition to driving website conversions and brand awareness.

  • One agency client went from an average of 0.3% lead rate for exclusively email-based campaigns to a 3% lead rate when leveraging website visits as an intent signal.
  • Email-based campaigns were getting roughly a 1%-2% reply rate, but after installing website visitor tracking, campaigns using this intent data saw up to a 9% reply rate.

Integrate a new demand generation channel

Stop stressing about new marketing channels. Add website visitors seamlessly into RevBoss.

Real-time Intent Signals

Creating campaigns based on prospect activity to capture value immediately increases the chances of opportunity.

A must-have and a must-do

RevBoss creates and captures demand. Outbound email campaigns to target prospects drive website visitors. Close the loop by capturing and engaging with website visitors.

How Does It Work?

First, we set up an integration between RevBoss and one of the many website visitor tracking tools. We recommend tools like RB2B, Leadfeeder (now Dealfront), and others. We are happy to walk you through implementation and set-up.

Next, we’ll build out various automation workflows so that the most qualified visitors are automatically funneled directly into RevBoss.

We’ll craft a specific RevBoss Flow for these prospects, and the email replies and meetings booked will go directly to you.

Close your marketing loop.

Learn more about how website visitor retargeting can improve reply rates and lead rates.

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