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Sales Coach: An Easy Way to Get More Demos

We figured out a pretty simple hack that helped us ramp up our demo volume pretty quickly: 1. Prospect into the UK. 2. Wake up early for ... Continue Reading »

Sales Coach: Drifting from the Metal

My company Argyle was starting to see some real traction.  We had three reps hitting quota, we had tons of inbound leads every week, and our product ... Continue Reading »

Sales Coach: Don’t Fail to Prepare

I was 22 years old when I took a sales role at Bronto in 2003.  The company was just two guys at the time, and the office ... Continue Reading »

Sales Coach: Discounting Like a Moron

Sorry — I don’t think I’m interested. OK, but what about this awesome reporting feature and how it will help you… No thanks, I’m going to pass. ... Continue Reading »

How to Follow Up with Your First Outbound Lead

Before I was a CEO, there wasn’t much sophistication in my early sales process. It was mostly forced cold calling, ham-fisted product demos, and a nag-until-they-say-yes closing ... Continue Reading »

Helping vs. Closing: A Realistic B2B Sales Cycle

I’ve closed a number of deals over my career, but not once have I “closed” a person. That’s not how B2B sales cycles work. When it comes ... Continue Reading »

Sales Coach: It is better to give AND receive.

In your non-sales life, you should give generously without the expectation of getting anything in return. When you’re selling — particularly when you’re negotiating the final details of ... Continue Reading »

Sales Coach: Can I call you to discuss?

I spend a lot of my time coaching the RevBoss sales team and thought I’d start sharing my thoughts here too. Some of my nuggets might be ... Continue Reading »
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