Sales Coach: Can I call you to discuss?

tunaI spend a lot of my time coaching the RevBoss sales team and thought I’d start sharing my thoughts here too. Some of my nuggets might be helpful.  Your mileage may vary.


Today we got an email from a fuzzy prospect — they’re reasonably active (though off and on) in their trial but we’re not sure if they’re a looker or a buyer.  The prospect emailed asking for an extension on his trial account, which he’s had for 3 weeks.

The rep suggested a couple replies to the email, briefly summarized below:

  • No worries — I just extended your trial account!
  • Sorry — you’ve had 3 weeks, you need to buy now.

Ultimately, I advised our team to use the request to get a phone call.  They can use the call to help the prospect and — more importantly for us — get some clarity on the prospect.

That’s what we did — our rep had a great call, we helped the prospect, and we think they’ll be able to buy by EOW.

When a prospect emails you with a question/request, don’t just answer reflexively.  Instead consider using it to create a phone call so that you can help them…but also uncover some truth and advance your agenda.