We Understand Your Challenges

  • More so than our typical agency client, video production clients REALLY live and die by referrals/network.
  • You probably face seasonality pressures more than any of our clients, so you really need a consistent pipeline of leads.
  • These clients travel A LOT. It may be harder to get on calls – so ask them about preferred ways of communication.
  • Deal size affects the length of the sales cycle (which tends to be very long.) ROI might take longer than what we see with other clients (subsequent 6 months vs first 6 months.)
  • Trust is huge. One of the hard things about selling video is that there is no guarantee – you’re really selling them an idea and then bringing it into existence. Building up rapport and trust is huge to assure the prospect they’re picking the right vendor.
  • Video agencies often want to try for partnership approach. Discuss the pitfalls of this (lots of long-term nurturing, slow ROI plan) – but this can be a good approach when it is strategic.

We Know How to Build Your Campaigns

  • Look for direct industry examples + include a relevant reel. Including credibility and highlighting work that is directly related to the industry/segment we are reaching out to works best.
  • Location, location, location. Geo-flows are a must – traveling for video work can be cost- and time-consuming, so it’s beneficial for both client and prospect to select a video agency within driving distance of them.
  • Match type of video offer to right title. What are the most common types of videos they make for clients (recruiting, animation, brand films, etc.)? Find out what titles / industries have a need for that type of video and pitch that specifically.
  • Proactively fight roadblocks in messaging. Many companies, especially large ones, have an internal video team or already have agency partners.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

We’re your long-term outbound lead generation partner.

Video production companies are often stuck in the feast-or-famine business development cycle — but banking on referrals and word-of-mouth leads to an unpredictable pipeline. We help video production companies break out of this rut and generate new business opportunities through automated prospecting and RevBoss-sourced leads. Our personalized campaigns dig deep into the brands and organizations on your new client wishlist.

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