Have You Seen the Periodic Table of SaaS Metrics?

Today we sent the first RevBoss Update — a semi-regular production that highlights the thoughts and ideas that are knocking around RevBoss HQ.  We’ll focus primarily on SaaS / B2B customer acquisition resources and weave in relevant company updates.

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The Periodic Table of SaaS Sales Metrics

This resource from Insight Venture Partners made the rounds on Twitter a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it, it is worth a look — very helpful summary of SaaS sales benchmarks. I printed it and taped it to the wall above my desk.

How To Decide If Inside Sales Makes Sense

This recent post by Pardot Founder David Cummings provides a helpful back-of-the-envelope calculation on the economics of an inside sales rep. I like that he started the math with a gross margin assumption instead of a TAM calculation — makes for a much more realistic, actionable model I think.

RevBoss Launched a Product Called Engine

Engine provides our customers demand on-demand through an outsourced outbound sales service. We focus on process, execution, and optimization so that our clients can spend more time on customer development, building relationships, and closing deals.

SalesyEmail.com — A Blog In Search of the Perfect Sales Email

We set up SalesyEmail.com on a whim. The site features crowdsourced sales emails from actual companies, the good and the bad. We’re building the site to provide templates, examples, inspiration, and entertainment for sales and marketing professionals.