New Feature — Flow Queues

Tee up your workload for the week and forget it. With flow queues, moderate the amount of new prospects you send to in a day, per flow.


As you add prospect to a flow, the queue will limit the amount of prospects that are actually sent an email each day. This allows you to push hundred’s of prospects from at segment at once without flooding your inbox. If you push 200 at once but have the limit set to 25 a day, RevBoss will start no more than 25 new prospects in the flow per day, according to the delivery window that you set. You can always add more prospects to the flow, they’ll sit in queue and release first-in, first-out.

Each flow has its own queue, so be mindful of how many flows you currently have running. If you only have two flows running, maybe set them each to 20. However if you have 5+ flows, you may need to be more strategic in how many you are sending a day from each flow.


The primary benefit to this feature is that it simplifies your workflow, keeping the workload balanced, consistent and your team doesn’t need to worry about it. The secondary benefit of this feature, is it will prevent your inbox from being flagged as spam. Sending large amounts of outbound email each day from a single inbox can cause issues in deliverability, which no one wants to deal with! Sending 25 a day is a good starting number but ramping up to send 40-65 emails a day is a good pace for sending 600-800 net new emails a month.


flow queue